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Why Choose Our Facebook Marketing Service?

Facebook is becoming more popular social platform day by day. Since businesses target on popular social medias, Facebook becomes one of the best places to sell your products or services. Although Facebook ads have potential to reach customers, boost sales and grow your business online, we need a lot of knowledge and experiences about Facebook marketing strategy to stand out from competitors.

Thinking about how to reach your ads to customers and improve sales? Aeron Hub offers various types of Facebook marketing plans from start creating your Facebook page to content designs, writings, audience targeting to daily monitoring of your Facebook page. As a Facebook marketing agency, Our Aeron Hub team has a talented team of social media experts and designers who can develop and implementing effective Facebook ads.

Facebook Marketing Free Services

  • 1. Chat Bot System
  • 2. Facebook Page Administration
  • 3. Facebook Pixel for Website
  • 4. Google Analytics
  • 5. Content Plans
  • 6. Target Audience Suggestions

Our Plans

Aeron Hub offers various plans for facebook marketing for flexibility and suitability of your business needs.

Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Enterprise
Posts 15 20 25 18 25
Designs 15 20 25 15 10
Contents 15 20 25 18 20
Post Edits 3 times 3 times 3 times 5 times 10 times
Slide Show Design - - - - 7 slides
Boost Post $3 per post $2.5 per post $3 per post $3 per post $3 per post
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